About us

The idea for Pagemakers came to us when we began looking for local goods and services using the internet. Local internet directories were a start but in many cases the companies we found using them had no website or email address. So, the challenge was to bring the power of the internet to small businesses in an affordable and approachable way.

Understanding your needs and providing a responsive service is at the heart of our business philosophy.  As part of this we donate a portion of our time to provide websites for community groups

Our core team comprises Peter Huckle and Lesley Curnow.

Peter’s career has been in the computer industry – in Silicon Valley in California, in the UK and for the last 18 years in New Zealand.  He organised the first business internet conference in the UK attended by over 600 people.  Lesley has been a teacher in New Zealand and the UK and is a published writer.  

Our skills have been developed over many years and we are passionate about what we do. To all of our projects we bring a broad range of business, technical and creative resources.

We have been developing websites since the early days of the internet.